Elektrostatic powder painting is a solvent-free surface coating method.The covering material is powder paint particles with different particle sizes that form the last layer of paint.Powder paint is discarded through special paint guns in the paint cabinet.When passing through the gun, dust paint particles loaded with static electricity adhere to the material to be painted in the cabin and the coating process is realized.In order for the powder paint to be fully adhered to the material surface, the material must also be grounded very well.The over-discarded paint is collected and put back into use thanks to the paint recovery system in the cabinet.After the material is coated with powder paint, it enters the baking oven.Oven temperature up to 200°C allows the powder paint to melt and stick to the material.The result is a very durable, economical, environmentally friendly, wide range of colors and a surface coating of the desired quality.The fact that it does not contain solvents, surface quality, durability, paint recovery system, economy and environmental sensitivity make electrostatic powder painting a better alternative than traditional painting processes.